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Onboard Electrical

Configure your ultimate nav sation or upgrade your older gear

Artie has wired, configured and/or navigated many of the top race boats on both the east and west coast, including:
Rambler 88, Rio 100, Wizard, Mighty Merloe, Orion, Titan XV, PowerPlay, Criminal Mischief, Hissar,  Akela, Holua, Alchemy, & Staghound

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Systems include:

B&G electronics…..Waypoint racing is one of the few B&G certified dealers for the H5000 & WTP lines (amongst all others). Buy from us and be guaranteed to get the most reliable system, a great price, and the extended advantage warranty that can only come from a h5000 certified dealer. Check out the new H5000 processor and CAN Bus displays!…If you have an older h200/h3000 system we can repair, rebuild or replace almost any components.

Expedition Software: The most versatile performance/navigation package on the market. Check out Peter Isler’s / NorthU webinar series on unlocking all of Expedition’s features.

NEW – Expedition remote MOB button. Make sure you’re legal with new ORS 4.28. Add a MOB button anywhere onboard

Balmar Alternators…save fuel and battery weight, get a proper charging system. Made in the USA!

Relion LITHIUM Batteries. An affordable drop in replacement for standard AGM/Gel batteries. Half the weight, twice the capacity, & charge 3 times faster. Used by Mighty Merloe, Varuna, Alchemy, Heartbreaker, Condor. Its a HUGE weight savings on fuel and battery weight!

Getac & Xplore wireless displays: A variety of options to fit the wireless needs of any boat. All tested extensively and rugged enough to survive.

Transflective MDWD displays….all your navigation information on a wireless water-resistant touchscreen display (if you have an xp system)

C-map charts. Expedition compatible vector charts with worldwide coverage

Ventus software. Turn you iphone, ipad, ipod into a wireless display

Ais transmitters & antenna splitters…know what commercial traffic is on the race course without radar & required for Cat1 offshore.

Ockam electronics…  A great system, let us know if you need a hand tuning it up.

Bravo Systems …used on 7 of 11  IACC boats in 2007 & the BMW Oracle team in 2010